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achieved over the past seven years; $ 11 Billion Revenue in Gas Replacement

Over the past seven years, the country has received about $ 11 billion in gas supply development revenue, Managing Director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said.

According to the report of the public relations of the NIGC, Hassan Montazer Torbati, Deputy Minister of Oil and Managing Director of NIGC, stated: Iran is a unique country in the field of gas supply, all over the world.

Referring to the history of gas supply in Iran, he added: The good things that happened in South Pars and increased production, led to the development of gas supply throughout the country.

Torbati emphasized: There was no money in the national annual budget law, but it was fuel that burned and wasted.

He continued: This means that 34 billion liters of fuel were burning per year, which was consumed in power plants and cities and villages that were not connected to the gas network.

According to Torbati, by saving this volume of fuel, the capital needed for gas supply was provided.

The Deputy Minister of Oil for Gas Affairs said: Since 1392, the consumption of liquid fuel in power plants has been decreasing every year and for about 34 billion liters that were burning, we earned 11 billion dollars by selling products to spend on the development of gas supply in the country.

Torbati added: Replacing gas generated $ 11 billion in revenue, which by the end of 1402, it would have prevented the 34 billion liters of fuel from being completely burned and also with the increase in annual revenue, the total revenue would have reached $ 28 billion.

Emphasizing that in 1392, most of the fuel for power plants was supplied from products and part of it, from gas, he said: If the trend of 1392 had continued and the share of gas was maintained, 150 billion products would have been burned in power plants in the last few years, but by implementing the national annual budget law, by replacing gas, we became an exporter of liquid fuel.

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