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Managing Director of National Iranian Gas Company: Launching institutes in order to localize equipment; one of the priorities of the country s gas industry

In todays world, ideas are so important; For this reason, setting up centers and institutes that provide the basis for localization of equipment with the presence of new and young personnels and with the aim of using new ideas in order to achieve a new product, are among the priorities of the countrys gas industry.

According to the report of the public relations of the NIGC, Hassan Montazer Torbati, Deputy Minister of Oil and Managing Director of NIGC, stated: This is the same link between industry and academia, so that students can work on measurement issues accordingly.

He continued: The general approach of institutes is to be able to establish a close link between academia and industry and work on large projects, because the research work of the NIGC is followed in the form of these institutes.

Torbati by stating that the research projects of the NIGC are being pursued in the form of 4 institutes; LNG, gas processing, turbine, and intelligent smart measurement or measurement, said: These institutes, as a technical and scientific arm, must always move alongside the gas industry, and whenever the industry faces a problem such as the production of a new product, issues related to catalysts, or operational needs, be present alongside this industry as scientific support.

He explained about the activities of these institutes: At the Institute of Intelligent smart measurement, we pursue topics related to gas metering. Gas measurement is very important; because a lot of gas is bought and sold in the country and measurement is one of the main bases of this issue; both in terms of the financial case for transaction and also in terms of its importance in measuring accuracy for the sale, export and exchange of gas.

Torbati added: At this institute, discussions on measurement are being pursued in three sections; discussion of measuring equipment we try to localize the equipment needed for measurement in the country through the institute, its technology developed and the country have practical technical knowledge.

The CEO of the NIGC stated: In the university also, the important thing is that we should try to spread the culture of measurement studies and we could persuade students to choose their future subjects on this basis, in the field of measurement which is an effort for Linking industry and university.

The next step is to build equipment and build calibration, he said: In fact, this refers to the continuity of measurement stability; This means that in addition to the equipment must be accurate, consistency in accuracy is also required, therefore, if we want this accuracy in measurement always be constant, the issue of calibration arises.

He added: This effort will pay off when we can track, localize, or produce these calibration centers through the institute.

The CEO of the NIGC continued: The third issue is the issue of Intelligent smart measurement. In the discussion of measurement, it is not a question of mere measurement, but of intelligent measurement; This means that both smart meters and smart grids can be discussed, in which case, the meter is mostly for smart metering equipment and the smart grid supervises how data is collected and analyzed and how to use them in invoice calculations.

At the end, Torbati pointed out that the three issues selected for the agenda of this institute are very important and fundamental issues and said: Given that this institute has been defined at the University of Science and Technology and has a long history of discussing gas metering there, I hope we can achieve very good results in this area.

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