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This zone was established in 1990 as one of the subsidiaries of Iranian Gas transmission Company in order to maintain and operate gas transmission facilities (including pipelines and gas compressor stations) in Gilan, Ardabil, East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan, provinces and parts of Zanjan and Kordestan provinces and also for gas export to neighbor countries such as Turkey, Armenia and Nakhjavan .Gas transmission operational zone 8 is active in three main below parts.

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Written by nigc   
Monday, 03 December 2012

The world has faced enormous developments in the last years of the 20th century. Dissolution of the Soviet Union and the communist system, creation of a united Europe in political and economic aspect, increase of international controls due to the environmental laws, safety and occupational Health, supporting the consumer and economic globalization, development of communication and information technology and on the other hand the increase of consumers expectations because of having possibility of selection. All items mentioned above cause high responsibility on organizations which want to remain stable in today’s competitive world. The managers aren’t further able to manage the organizations in situations that problems have surrounded them with the old methods ((classic management)) which are based on Taylorism and have been remained from a hundred years ago. During the last two decades, the quality of management is presented in management as a new technology and has proved its capabilities so that many organizations, governments, and large assemblies such as European Union, have widely established this management method in their strategic plans. Quality which means customer’s satisfaction considering his needs and expectations along with the quality by all employees of organization is believed as the starting point of all the activities. Of course admission of quality can’t be gained easily

The attempts for internal changes in people must be synchronous with design and implementation of governance, executive, supervision and control systems. There are many organizations with frustrated and negative employees that oppose or have been pessimistic to any evolution, innovation and improvement in the organization and these all maybe happen due to lack of having a proper employment, keeping, maintaining, optimizing and upgrading system of human resources

Our country, Iran, also must be powerful in global competition because of having rich resources, strategic location and paying attention to young and brilliant human resources. An expert study simply specifies that in order to make these capabilities practical and also a successful implementation of five-year plan, there is no way except making changes in the management system of the country in all public, private, producing and servicing departments toward quality management. The final purpose of design and creation of standards ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 is helping the organizations to success in competition, governance and also effective guidance of the organization. On the other hand, people know that the earth as the only habitat of creatures such as human being, is in danger. The loss of biodiversity, soil, water and weather degradation and other environmental crises has shown the necessity of environmental management more than before. Understanding the environment is the first step in achieving a wise environmental management. Nowadays understanding the environment isn’t limited to knowing the pollutant and destructive factors of it. We must try to know the responsible organizations, five-year plans and Twenty-year prospect of Islamic Republic of Iran, the role of public, private and non-governmental organizations and also the effective factors in destruction and pollution of the environment for a comprehensive understanding of the environment. Industrialization of human societies and construction of factories and large industries also along with the daily and fast increase of technology in the world has caused the human being to be endangered and threatened by all the things he has made. By means of applying a statistical comparison on the rate of damage due to workplace events and its harmful effects on workers which is a very important parameter in efficiency and profitability of products, we come to the conclusion that the managers of factories and public and private organizations must consider health, safety and security as a part of manufacturing and emphasize on them as much as the emphasize on quality and quantity of the products with the lowest price. And if it doesn’t happen supervisors, engineers and other officials can’t get useful results

Gas transmission operational zone 8 including gas compression and measurement stations, gas pipelines operation centers, telecommunication centers, valve and cathodic protection stations is responsible for gas transmission services in North West district of the country for industrial, commercial and domestic uses and also gas export to neighbor countries including Turkey, Azerbaijan Republic (Nakhjovan), Armenia and Europe according to international and Iranian national gas company standards and rules. This gas transmission zone is determined to achieve high goals of Iranian Gas Transmission Company and effectively move toward organizational excellence by choosing standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, establishment of an integrated management system and effort of its diligent personnel and efficient management

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